The Art Of Not Knowing

How do artists respond to the pressure for certainty over mystery and nuance?

Ian J

Art As An Apologetic

Excellent artistic practice is a subtle nudge towards what we already know deep down

Jonny Mellor

Cultural Disengagement & A Thin View Of Sin

Why does the modern evangelical church produce so few artists of excellence?

Jonny Mellor

Hans’s Little Green Book

The radical treatise of Rookmaaker's 'Art Needs No Justification'

Jonny Mellor

Beauty and Art- So What?

A recap of the ideas raised by our 'Beauty and Art' series

Jonny Mellor

The Grotesque And The Beautiful In Faithful Art

Faithful art lives in the real tension between suffering and hope

David Blower

Where is The Line, Norman Stone?

Film director and product Norman Stone talks about his ethic of work

Christ in Art: Particular and Universal

How is the painter, illustrator, or sculptor to represent the timeless and time bound all in one body?

Benjamin Harris

Solving Problems or Making Things New

Wisdom from Dorothy Sayers' 'The Mind of the Maker'

Jonny Mellor