Introducing Sputnik Patrons: 4 Projects to Support

The artists being supported in Sputnik Patron's inaugural year

Jonny Mellor

Introducing Sputnik Patrons

Why would a Christian give financially to the arts?

Jonny Mellor

Respecting Your Discipline, Nurturing Your Craft

The importance of knowing the tradition you work in

Jonny Mellor

Make A Scene

Bruce Pavitt and the pioneers who make space for a scene to flourish

Tim Simmonds

Living With Integrity

Why your life outside your art matters, as much as your work

Jonny Mellor

A Note Of Caution

Why intentionally 'changing the world' is complex and maybe impossible

Jonny Mellor

The Case For The Defence

God's use of significant influencers in the Bible

Jonny Mellor

Are Christians Called To Influence Society?

How do we approach the idea of influence in our culture?

Jonny Mellor