Reflections on the Everything Conference

Three artists' reflections on the recent Everything Conference

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Keir Shreeves on the Arts as a Journey of Faith

We caught up with Keir Shreeves to discuss how and why it is important for the church to engage with the arts.

Book in to the 2017 Everything Conference

The Everything Conference is back. We're going. Join us!

SERIES / Prophetic Art

What Do We Do With The Old Testament Prophets?

Let's talk about prophetic art, and what better place to start than Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and the gang?

SERIES / Why would a Christian give to the arts?

But What Exactly Is Arts Patronage?

The role of patronage in the arts throughout history


Revisiting Beauty and Art: An Update From The Vatican

Exploring the relationship between art and beauty in Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists


Cultural Disengagement & A Thin View Of Sin

Why does the modern evangelical church produce so few artists of excellence?


A Road Trip to The Holy Biscuit Study Day

Camaraderie, productive diversity, and oustanding art

Interview /

Pip Piper on Art, Faith & Church

We talk to the Birmingham-based filmmaker about how these three combine