Revisiting Beauty and Art: An Update From The Vatican

Exploring the relationship between art and beauty in Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists

Jonny Mellor

Beauty and Art- So What?

A recap of the ideas raised by our 'Beauty and Art' series

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Beauty and Redemption

How have concepts of beauty changed through the years, to today's cynical art world?

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Has Art Ever Been All About Beauty?

The popular Eurocentric view that rewrites what art is 'supposed' to be about

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Are Fireworks Art?

On some level, everyone knows art is not just about looking nice

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Can Maps Be Art?

Arts and mapping have a surprising amount in common

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Theaster Gates, Windows and Mirrors

Art that goes beyond holding up a mirror

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Anya Gallaccio and These Beautiful Changeable Things

Should our creations be insulated from time and mutation?

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