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The School Of Prophets: Reflections On An Arts Manifesto

David Benjamin Blower reflects on an attempt to emulate the School of Prophets in 21st century Birmingham.

David Blower

Ezekiel – The First Performance Artist?

Avanting the Avant Garde by 3000 years.

Jonny Mellor

What Do We Do With The Old Testament Prophets?

Let's talk about prophetic art, and what better place to start than Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and the gang?

Jonny Mellor

Kate Tempest and the Voice That Won’t be Silent

Getting schooled by prophetic artists outside the church

Chris Donald

Does Our Work Have A Future?

Tolkien's hope that our everyday creative projects are not wasted

Huw Evans


Influencing Culture

The decline of Christianity in the western world is much heralded. More concerning than the persistent decline in church attendance though is the apparent absence of a powerful Christian voice into our society. For years, the church has disengaged from the areas of public life that seem most key in shaping culture, and one of these is the arts. In this series, we explore whether Christians should seek to right this situation, with a particular focus on the role Christian artists can take in influencing our culture.

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