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Mr Ekow is a Croydon-based Hip Hop artist, with a style that simultaneously calls back to the golden era, whilst bringing something fresh and new to the plate.

Film Producer at Blue Hippo Media and One Small Barking Dog. CEO of Producers Forum. Lecturer MA film distribution and marketing.

Poet and author with an affinity for the quirky and the mythical. She studied creative writing at Emory University and the University of Edinburgh and now writes to raise the dead, among other things.

Samuel John Butt is a photographic artist whose work has been featured on the pages of i-D magazine, used as album artwork by Michael Kiwanuka and hung on the walls of a small selection of galleries in East London. He’s currently working on a series of experimental floral images and learning to write poetry.

A creative and conceptual designer with a huge passion for minimalistic design. Sanju has created visuals for both corporate and creative businesses, and is currently working in the fashion industry as a graphic designer.

Ellie is an illustrator, based in Edinburgh. Her designs are concerned the circular relationship between people, food and the environment, communicated through a lively hand-drawn style which favours pattern and energetic colour.

Ruth Mary is a jeweller and lacemaker, who creates highly bespoke pieces of precious metal lace jewellery.

Strange Ghost are the husband-wife duo of Christopher and Ayomide Donald, a psychedelic afropunk band from the south of Birmingham, combining futuristic production with a love of classic R&B and a subversive mythology all their own.

Duncan: “Using sculptures, drawings and paintings, I create visual parables in an attempt to reconcile man to God.