SERIES / Prophetic Art

Making Work That Requires Work

Making work that is difficult isn't necessarily being obscure or obtuse. It's what the prophets did.

SERIES / Prophetic Art

Interpreting The Times

Biblical prophets often interpreted deeper meanings in contemporary events. Artists do the same

SERIES / Prophetic Art

Ezekiel – The First Performance Artist?

Avanting the Avant Garde by 3000 years

SERIES / Prophetic Art

What Do We Do With The Old Testament Prophets?

Let's talk about prophetic art, and what better place to start than Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and the gang?

SERIES / Why would a Christian give to the arts?

But What Exactly Is Arts Patronage?

The role of patronage in the arts throughout history


Introducing Sputnik Patrons: 4 Projects to Support

The artists being supported in Sputnik Patron's inaugural year


Introducing Sputnik Patrons

Why would a Christian give financially to the arts?


Should Christians Be The Most Creative People On The Planet? (Remix)

Lessons from Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists


Revisiting Beauty and Art: An Update From The Vatican

Exploring the relationship between art and beauty in Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists