SERIES / What Is Art?

Is It Ever Right To Destroy a Piece Of Art?

Our history of iconoclasm and vandalism


Ben Harris Reviews Propaganda’s ‘Crooked’

The third album by the Los Angeles hip-hop poet

SERIES / Beauty and Art

Has Art Ever Been All About Beauty?

The popular Eurocentric view that rewrites what art is 'supposed' to be about


St Francis and Subversive Nativities

The unexpectedly radical origins of nativity scenes


A Tale of Two Crucifixes

Why besmirching the image of Christ is an honest reflection of the world


Christ in Art: Particular and Universal

How is the painter, illustrator, or sculptor to represent the timeless and time bound all in one body?


Political Posters and a different kind of kingdom

How can we mobilize, educate and organize people in step with the Kingdom?


Kan Xuan: Pound… Pound… Pound

A rousing call to march against the numbing effects of a consumer society

SERIES / What Is Art?

No really, Can Maps be Art?

Maps as art in New Art Gallery's 'Land, Sea and Air' exhibition