What is Sputnik?

Sputnik is a network of Christian artists run by the Catalyst family of churches. We work with artists from any discipline (from poets to film makers, dancers to painters, actors to rappers, and everyone in between) who want to share their creative skills with people outside of the church and pursue excellence in their field.

We believe that Christian artists should not set their aspirations within the boundaries of church meetings and programmes. Therefore, if you’d like to be a worship leader, a writer of Christian fiction, or a painter or dancer at a Christian conference, we’re probably not for you.

However, if you’d like to see a whole load of new CS Lewises, JS Bachs, Terrence Mallicks, JRR Tolkiens, Flannery O’Connors, U2s, TS Eliots, Makoto Fujimuras, Lecraes, Milton Joneses, Nick Parks and Sufjan Stevenses pop up all over the place (and maybe even be one of these yourself), we’d love to connect with you.

To find out more about what we’re up to, this article may help some more.


What does Sputnik do?

Our aims are simple. We exist to…

1) Connect Christian artists together to encourage and challenge each other in our pursuit of excellence.

2) Challenge both artists and churches to think more carefully about how faith and art intersect.

3) Fund and profile Christian artists who are striving for excellence in their fields.

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How can you get involved?

This blog is a good place to start. We try to populate it with conversations about art and faith, examples of excellent art made by Christians and general Sputnik news. To keep updated, follow us on twitter or facebook.

If you’re an artist who’d like to connect with other Christian artists, the best way to connect is through a Sputnik hub. If there’s one near you, that’s convenient, if not, why not look to start one in your area?

If you’re a church leader who wants to serve artists more effectively, we’d love to hear from you and chat through how that may work.

If you are interested in funding Christians who are pursuing excellence in the arts and engaging with their local communities and wider culture, find out about our patronage scheme here.

To get hold of us, email jonny@churchcentral.org.uk


But why bother? Why are the arts so important?

Good question. If you’d like to explore this in a bit of detail, put aside 10 minutes, grab a cuppa and let Jonny Mellor, the founder of Sputnik, explain it in a little more detail…