It’s Time To Knit Ourselves In Again!

A way to pull in close to church and push forward in artistic practice

Jonny Mellor

Beauty and Art- So What?

A recap of the ideas raised by our 'Beauty and Art' series

Jonny Mellor

A Change In The Landscape(s)

Small encouragements and a long-term outlook

Jonny Mellor

Star man: Beauty or Language?

Our task as artists is to communicate the conflict of the world

Huw Evans

The Grotesque And The Beautiful In Faithful Art

Faithful art lives in the real tension between suffering and hope

David Blower

Beauty and Redemption

How have concepts of beauty changed through the years, to today's cynical art world?

Ally Gordon

Has Art Ever Been All About Beauty?

The popular Eurocentric view that rewrites what art is 'supposed' to be about

Benjamin Harris