You don’t need to do it all on your own: lessons from the Brum Sputnik Hub.

Lessons from Stewart Garry's 'Sojourner' Q&A

Jonny Mellor

How To Respond Creatively To A Year As Unsettling As 2016?

Let the past give context to our current-day despair

Luke Sewell

Sputnik Hubs Are The Future!

A new way to gather artists locally and regularly, to encourage and challenge each other

Jonny Mellor

When Christian Art is Pagan (And Pagan Art Becomes Christian)

The origins of supposedly 'safe' Christian art are often more complex than we think

Jonny Mellor

Doctor Strange: A Masterclass in Christian Film Making

Leading people to Jesus through the most unpromising of evangelistic source material

Jonny Mellor

How Should The Church Patronise Art? A Thought Experiment.

A thought experiment on Christian arts funding

Jonny Mellor

What comes first- your cause or your art?

Thoughts from Peter Kennard's 'Off Message' exhibition

Jemma Mellor