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James Cary: The Problem with Protestantism and the Arts

From Ally Gordon's 'Beyond Air Guitar'


A Tale of Two Crucifixes

Why besmirching the image of Christ is an honest reflection of the world

SERIES / Where is the Line?

Where is The Line, Norman Stone?

Film director and product Norman Stone talks about his ethic of work

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An Interview with Josh Whitehouse (Pt 2)

The enigmatic illustrator shares more about his work


Catalyst Workplace Day: Game changer

Thinking through the place that work should have in our lives

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An Interview with Josh Whitehouse (pt 1)

The unorthodox journey of illustrator Josh Whitehouse


Christ in Art: Particular and Universal

How is the painter, illustrator, or sculptor to represent the timeless and time bound all in one body?


How do you make challenging art without causing people to stumble?

How to provoke, challenge and even offend in the right circumstances