Political Posters and a different kind of kingdom

How can we mobilize, educate and organize people in step with the Kingdom?

Benjamin Harris

Michelangelo, character and community

The tension between total dedication to art, and the working out of faith

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An Honest Approach to the Arts

To be a Christian in the arts is to have the courage to be honest

Mike French

Kan Xuan: Pound… Pound… Pound

A rousing call to march against the numbing effects of a consumer society

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Church Art Projects- A Bluffer’s Guide (Pt. 2)

The one question that stops most church art projects ever getting started

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No really, Can Maps be Art?

Maps as art in New Art Gallery's 'Land, Sea and Air' exhibition

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Church Art Projects – A Bluffer’s Guide

How do you avoid the usual pitfalls and engage the whole church in an art project?

Jonny Mellor