Welcome Back!

So. Here we have it. At long last, we’ve sorted out our website. Whether you frequented Sputnikmagazine’s last incarnation or are totally new to Sputnik- welcome!

We’ve not just spent the last 6 months changing the look of things though, we’ve also made some new friends! We’ve got a new blogging team and have teamed up with Creative Arts Network, who’ve let us invade their collective, sell stuff in their shop and bring you something of a double headed blog.

Sputnik’s purpose is to challenge Christian creatives to grow in excellence in their work and think through how to integrate their faith and their art. Therefore, if you’re a Christian, we’ll be posting articles on our site specifically aimed at you.

Creative Arts Network, on the other hand, will be posting content of a more broad and general interest that, while still coming from a Christian perspective, may be more relevant to anyone from a different faith or with no faith at all.

Sometimes, we’ll share articles, sometimes we’ll distribute them accordingly, so whether you’re a Christian or not, hopefully we’ll be able to help you to think about creativity and faith in a fresh and challenging way.

To make sure you don’t miss anything that’s going on here, follow us on twitter @sputnikmagazine or like our Facebook page.


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