Welcome to Sputnik Patrons.

We'd like to bring Christians back to the forefront of funding soul-searching, wide-reaching art.

Artists need patronage. Christians used to be at the forefront of funding artists in this way. They’re not any more – and we’d like to change that.

We run a fund to help Christian artists get their projects off the ground: from art installations to book publishing, theatre events to music releases. Each year we’ll commission several of these projects with the help of our network of Patrons, who donate monthly.

For 2017-18, we’ve selected 4 projects that we’d like you to help us make happen. To find out more about the Sputnik Patrons scheme, follow this link, and to find out more about the projects we’re supporting this year, try this one.

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One-Off Donations

If you’d simply like to give us a one-off donation, to help finance these projects and to support the ongoing work of Sputnik, you can do so below.

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Church Support

If you would like to support Sputnik as a church, we also run a Church giving scheme. If you would like more information about this, please email jonny@sputnikmagazine.co.uk

Artist Applications

If you would like to apply for funding, we will share details of how to do this in early 2018. Keep your eyes peeled.